FFQueue has been coded in Code::Blocks using C++ (GCC / MinGW) and wxWidgets as (V)CL. Please pay attentions to those projects and maybe even donate i smidgeon for their efford!
FFQueue download DOES NOT IMPLEMENT any build of FFMpeg which must be downloaded seperately. It is highly reccomended always to use the latest version of FFMpeg and always a version that matches the OS (32bit ffmpeg for 32bit windows and 64bit ffmpeg for 64bit windows - obviously).
This license is intended as a simplified, easy understandable license which covers ONLY the FFQueue BINARIES (executables, the software) released by Torben Bruchhaus (aka. the author). This license grants anyone free usage of FFQueue but prohibits anyone from making any modifications to the binaries released under this license.

The source code for FFQueue is released under the GNU GPL V3 and any derived works and/or binaries made from the source code must be released under the GPL V3 and NOT this license.

FFQueue is freeware and no money can ever be charged for FFQueue or any other software bundled with it (or FFQueue is bundled with). It is prohibited to use adds (commercials or alike) to make money on the distribution of FFQueue unless approven otherwise by the author. No one is allowed to request donations for FFQueue or software bundles (etc.) where FFQueue is included. Only exceptions to the non-commercial aspect are donations made directly to the author of FFQueue.

FFQueue does not do any attempts to gather private information of any kind. Nor does FFQueue do any attempts to disclose the identity of the people using FFQueue.

FFQueue is free to distribute with (or without) other free software as long as the author is clearly credited for his ownership of the FFQueue project and as long as this license agreement ALWAYS follows FFQueue. As declared under [FREEWARE] FFQueue cannot be bundled or in any other way be distributed with commercial products of any kind.

FFQueue has no warranty and is not guarantied to function in any situation. The author cannot be hold accountable for any loss of data or damage to hardware and/or property of any kind that might be caused by the usage of FFQueue.

FFQueue license version 1.2 of march 3rd 2017.
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Windows  DOWNLOAD FFQUEUE FOR WINDOWS 32/64bit Version 1.7.59 of April 26th 2022
7-Zip archive size 2.237.170 bytes, SHA1 (extracted): 8db7626ec007fee50266d642421ea46f0d18ebad.
Linux Debian  DOWNLOAD FFQUEUE FOR LINUX 64bit (Debian / GTK2) Version 1.7.59 of April 26th 2022
Compressed tarball (tar.xz) size 3.058.688 bytes, SHA1 (extracted): e48d7c88b61f99f915dae3539653f32903134b4d.
Source code  DOWNLOAD FFQUEUE SOURCE CODE Version 1.7.59 of April 26th 2022 (ZIP archive 826.581 bytes).
git clone
Tip: Unpack both FFMpeg and FFQueue to the same folder - FFQueue will then auto-detect FFMpeg..


V1.7.59 of April 26th 2022

V1.7.58 of Juli 6th 2021

V1.7.57 of April 25th 2021

V1.7.56 of September 3rd 2020

V1.7.55 of August 30th 2020

V1.7.54 of August 17th 2020

V1.7.53 of July 3rd 2019

V1.7.52 of March 31st 2019

V1.7.51 of February 27th 2019

V1.7.50 of May 17th 2018

V1.7.49 of March 19th 2017

V1.7.48 of January 13th 2017

V1.7.47 of September 6th 2016

V1.7.46 of January 10th 2016

V1.6.45 of October 4th 2015

V1.5.44 of May 25th 2015

V1.4.43 of February 15th 2015

V1.4.42 of February 11th 2015

V1.4.41 of January 13th 2015

V1.4.40 of November 17th 2014

V1.4.39 of November 8th 2014

V1.3.38 of October 21st 2014

V1.3.37 of September 19th 2014

V1.3.36 of September 17th 2014

V1.3.35 of September 17th 2014

V1.2.34 of September 1st 2014

  • Bug fix: Every launch of the Job editor resets bit rate to kbit/sec.
  • Bug fix: Bit rates other than kbit/sec might give ill results.
  • Bug fix: Color overlay filter might have caused endless encoding (*).
  • Bug fix: Yielding could lead to nesting error that caused FFQueue to freeze.
  • Bug fix: Long preset names might have caused problems with application layout.
  • Misleading: Flip / Mirror filter had wrong labelling but worked right.
  • Added support for QScale (Variable Bit Rate) to presets.
  • Added support for video synchronization (vsync) to presets.
  • Frame rate can now be entered as integer, float or nominator/denominator values.
  • Added horizontal scroll bars to listings that otherwise would have cut off content.
  • New tool for creating videos from images (slide shows) with optional audio track.
  • New tool for concatenation of multiple audio/video segments into one file.
(*) Existing filters must be opened for editing and saved for changes to take affect.

V1.1.33 of August 24th 2014

V1.1.32 of August 20th 2014

V1.1.31 of August 20th 2014

V1.0.30 of August 12th 2014

V1.0.29 of August 11th 2014

V1.0.28 of August 10th 2014

V1.0.27 of August 9th 2014

V1.0.26 of August 8th 2014

V1.0.25 of August 7th 2014

V1.0.24 of August 7th 2014

V1.0.23 of August 3rd 2014

V1.0.22 of August 1st 2014

V1.0.20 of July 31st 2014

First public release of FFQueue.
Copyright © by Torben Bruchhaus - Be fair, don't steal!
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