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Why is FFQueue so ugly?
The short version: function before fancy! FFQueue is not bloated with fancy graphics and it uses the operating systems native controls in order to keep the executable file size to a minimum. This is intentional and not subject to change - functionality goes first.
Can I use FFQueue with AVLib / AVConv?
AVLib (avconv, avprobe, avplay) is IMHO a crippled version of FFmpeg and I highly recommend you to use FFmpeg if possible - they both cost the same (YIPPIE-KAY-AY!). But FFQueue sort of supports AVLib..... If you rename the program file from FFQueue[.exe] to AVQueue[.exe] FFQueue will switch to AVLib support. FFQueue does however use the exact same arguments for AVLib as for FFmpeg so full support of AVLib cannot be guaranteed. In fact a LOT of FFmpeg's features will not be available when using AVLib and it can be a pain in the rear to use AVLib. If you have any issues with AVLib support please DO NOT MAIL ME ABOUT IT! You can, however, try to get help in the videohelp forum.
Why are there no default presets in FFQueue?
I didn't want to put any presets in FFQueue because users would then end up with a lot of selections that might suit their needs - but most likely would not. Users should create their own presets for their specific needs. Presets are easaly shared and if you are in need of a preset for a specific task you cannot manage to make your self I'd advise you to use a forum like videohelp for guidance.
Can I get FFQueue's source code?
Yes, look at the download page for further info.
Does FFQueue support any version of FFmpeg?
I do my best to keep as wide a compatibility as possible. However, builds of ffmpeg that are based on code that predates June 2014 cannot be expected to work with FFQueue. But since FFMpeg is free anyway, why bother? Use the most recent version at all time! :-)
Why can't I get FFQueue to work in Debian Wheezy?
FFQueue has been compiled and tested in Debian Wheezy so it works. If FFQueue silently fails to start you might want to open a console and run FFQueue from the command line in order to see any errors related to missing shared libraries. If this does not give any hints of what's wrong you might run the ldd command on FFQueue ($ldd FFQueue) from a console in order to check the dependencies. FFQueue is linked to the following libs (as reported by ldd):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
FFmpeg reports a lot of errors and/or unsupported arguments. What to do?
You must use a recent build of FFmpeg. If you are using Windows you can get a recent built from If you are using Linux / Debian the default build of FFmpeg that is available in Wheezy is outdated and you need a more recent version. You can either: 1) Build FFmpeg yourself, 2) Install by using a custom repository, 3) Download a static build. Learn more.
I do not understand the version numbers of FFQueue?
Major changes when changes to the UI (user interface) is made (not likely to ever happen).
Minor changes when significant modifications to existing functionality is made or when new features are added.
Release changes whenever a new release is made (due to bug fixes or whatever).
Build changes whenever FFQueue is being rebuild (but not necessary released).
Whenever i try to preview a job FFQueue reports that FFplay is missing?
FFplay is a slim media player bundled with some builds of FFmpeg - but not all. If your build does not have FFplay bundled you can either use another build of FFmpeg or you can use another media player that supports piping. VLC Media Player has been tested with FFQueue and it works - just be aware that VLC might hang when the end of a job is reached.
How can I build FFQueue from source code?
All source code download options includes a BUILD-GUIDE.TXT file which informs you about the steps needed to reproduce the official builds. I'm not going to answer any further questions about "how to build?" so if you still cannot figure it out you must ask elsewhere.
Two licenses for one program? What?!??
I am going to continue to release the build on this website under the simple and light weight FFQueue license. The source code, however, is released under the GPL3 license in order to protect the code of derived works from closure in the future.
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